3D Ply Limited

3D Ply Limited

3D Ply Limited specialise in the manufacture of laminated three dimensional formed plywood, solid wood components and veneered panels.

Being part of the Stannah Group provides us with the security for our customers, suppliers and team members and enables us to target long term growth.

We are investing in our process and our people to increase our level of service to existing customers as well as helping new customers with their requirements from a UK based manufacturer.

Formed Plywood Seats

Formed Plywood Shell

Formed Plywood

We have 33 large hydraulic press stations and over 200 mould tools to manufacture formed plywood components. We mould in various laminations of beech and birch veneers and a wide variety of finishes.

This is supported by a series of 3 and five axis CNC machines to provide a superb finished product

3D Ply Flat

Flat Panels

With our panel shop we can manufacture flat panels including final veneer and edge banding up to 50mm.

Post processing of panels with screw inserts, bracketry or frame assembly in our assembly workshop is also our expertise.

Solid Wood

Our extensive mill with spindle moulding, shaping, planing and routing, coupled with our 5 axis CNC machines provide a solid wood manufacturing capability for seat frames, solid arms and other components.

Who we are

3D Ply is an independent company as a part of the Stannah Group. Stannah is a long-standing British, family-owned manufacturing business with the fifth generation steering at the helm. The Stannah promise to every one of our customers is that we will be ‘always true to our word’.

Within our Group, 3D Ply and Global Upholstery Solutions work in close partnership to deliver a simple and effective solution for our customers. While we can deliver the specific capabilities of each company, we can also provide complete solutions to customers of either business without the need to treat both as independent suppliers, so that customers can enjoy the benefits of this one-stop shop approach from either business.


Management Services

Stannah Management Services provide the financial and systems infrastructure to all the businesses in the group including 3D Ply and Global Upholstery Solutions. This includes all financial management, IT systems and support, HR, Training and vehicle fleet management. We also enjoy more general support from the larger manufacturing facilities for maintenance, engineering and systems

Formed Plywood Circle

3D Ply

Manufacturing in wood

3D Ply manufactures wood components in ply panels, formed plywood from veneer and solid wood.

Components can be finished components with decorative laminates or frames and cores for finished products.

Additionally, 3D Ply has two spraying facilities for stained and lacquered show woods and for fire retardant coating for high hazard components.

Global Upholstery Solutions

Upholstered products

Global Upholstery Solutions, also known as ‘GUS’ or ‘Global’ Global Upholstery Solutions provide our Business Customers with bespoke Commercial Upholstery solutions; either of fully completed products or individual processes: CNC Fabric Cutting, Foam application, Sewing, Upholstery and Final Assembly

Contact us to discover how we can improve your supply chain.

Whether it is for specific process, a full product or complete order fulfilment operation, our manufacturing operations can support you from the UK with short lead-times and a flexible service.